Choosing an Association

Are you wondering what makes each Third Option accountability association different? Or which one is the best fit for your family?

If you choose to homeschool under the Third Option Homeschool Law, you are required to join an accountability association in order to legally homeschool in South Carolina. South Carolina has about 40 associations to choose from to help you legally homeschool. Each one is a little different, but they all provide a legal homeschooling option.

South Carolina is blessed to have so many associations to choose from. The directors work hard to help families navigate the homeschool adventure. Because each family is unique, one association may work better for them than another. Some families prefer more freedom than others, and each association has different requirements for its members.

The South Carolina Homeschooling Connection has compiled a list of Third Option homeschool associations. You will find the price and what each association offers at a quick glance. This resource can help you determine which association is best for your family.

The South Carolina Homeschooling Connection Association List

TSCHAA (The South Carolina Homeschool Accountability Association, LLC) will start accepting renewals for the 2023-2024 school year on March 1st. Current members can get a discounted rate for the 2023-2024 school year until the end of April. New members can begin applying on May 1st.

So, what does membership with TSCHAA include? As a TSCHAA member you will get:

  • Emailed acceptance letter and member card
  • Low member fee that covers your entire family
  • Record keeping is left up to the parents as stated in the law
  • The freedom to choose your start and end dates of your school year
  • The freedom to choose your own curriculum
  • Discounted membership with HSLDA
  • Member-only social opportunities
  • Online application and End of Year form for easy processing
  • Phone, text, and email support
  • Monthly newsletters with encouragement, tips, reminders, and homeschool opportunities
  • Access to 3 online members-only support groups
  • Compliance letters for proof of homeschooling
  • Online member handbook
  • Free record-keeping sheets and high school graduation planning guide
  • The freedom to homeschool as you see fit
  • Transcripts, report cards, and diploma services for an additional fee

It is important to note, that TSCHAA does not offer ranking. Ranking is beneficial for some scholarships, but it is not the only way to qualify for scholarships. TSCHAA will apply for the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship on your behalf using the alternate criteria. To learn more about scholarships, click here.

If you have any questions about joining TSCHAA or homeschooling, please feel free to call 864-939-8341, email, or visit TSCHAA’s website for more information.

Whichever association you choose, I hope you take advantage of the resources and expertise that it offers. Homeschooling does not have to be navigated on your own, and Third Option homeschool associations are equipped to help you navigate each stage of your homeschool journey.