Writing Prompts

Creative writing offers students many benefits beyond strengthening their writing skills. It provides an outlet for students’ thoughts and improves their emotional health. It helps them think outside the box, and it engages their creative muscles that will flow into other subjects and life situations. It improves their communication skills and imagination. Organization skills are developed as the students plots their story and arrange words, sentences, and paragraphs. But beyond all the benefits, creative writing is just plain fun!

When adding creative writing to your homeschool curriculum, give your student as much freedom as possible. For example, don’t hover over their shoulder pointing out grammatical errors or misspelled words. Just let them write. Let them experiment and play with their writing. Point out their strengths and focus on the story’s plot.

Below are TSCHAA’s Writing Prompts to help your students get their creative juices flowing! The writing prompts vary in age level, so scroll through and see if one fits your student’s age and interest!

How would your homeschooler create a story around these writing prompts?

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